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What is Nourish Women’s Collective?

Nourish Women’s Collective is an organization designed to help women leave shame behind and fully embrace themselves and others. We consist of three parts: our table communities, our events (She’s Brave Conference and workshops), and our Dropping Keys Fund which helps women and children find safety planning, counseling and legal representation to leave abusive situations.

Who is NWC for?

All women! It doesn’t matter your age, your occupation, marital status, or whether you have children or not.

Are you a Christian ministry?

No, we are not. We hope all feel welcome here, regardless of your beliefs.

What is a table community and where are they located?

We meet monthly at various locations! Our tables are places where no topic, emotion or struggle is off limits. We believe there is real value in sharing a meal, spending time together face to face on a regular basis and not simply through social media alone. You can find a list of table communities here.

What if I want to participate in a table community but I don’t know anyone?

Come anyway. Sure you may experience some nerves and a few awkward moments but we want you to be brave, step outside of your comfort zone and be vulnerable. This is how true community flourishes!

What if I don’t know what to talk about?

We feel you. Meeting new people is hard, and sometimes awkward. Our table hostesses will help you feel welcomed and comfortable. We have always encouraged women to come to their dinners ready to give and not to get. We believe that when every woman comes ready to give of themselves to someone else around the table, everyone gets filled up. Spend your time genuinely learning about someone else!

What if I think I want to host, but am not sure what I will need to do?

Awesome! We are always grateful for those of you who are willing to open your homes. Please check out our hostess info page for more info!

When are the monthly dinner parties held?

Dinner dates are up to your local hostess. Once you’re in a group, your hostess will remain in communication with the members about dinner dates and themes, etc.

What if I can’t come every month?

We have found that community flourishes best when everyone is committed to coming as often as they can. We don’t view our gatherings as a casual girls night out, but rather an important way for you to care for yourself! That said, we completely understand that sometimes life just gets in the way and there will be the occasional month you can’t make it.

How do I get more information about The She’s Brave Conference?

You can find more here. Please join us!