We are Back! New Name, Refined Purpose


Holy HECK, it is so good to be back. Maybe you’ve wondered what happened and where we went, or maybe you’ve been keeping up with us on social media here and there but either way we thought it was time to fill you in on what’s coming up in the months ahead.

First up…

NAME CHANGE and NEW WEBSITE! Woo hoo! Bookmark us here at www.nourishwomen.co

We are SO excited to announce that Nourish is now legally Nourish Women’s Collective. Cue all the dancing lady emojis.

Copy of blog logo announcement.png

Why the change? We felt like we wanted one name that would act as an umbrella of sorts for the different branches of our organization and we thought Nourish Women’s Collective just felt good and whole and inclusive. We’ve tried to stay away from making Nourish about one or two ‘faces’ and as founders we’ve intentionally kept a low profile because we want our organization to be about YOU! We want to hold space for each and every one of you and that’s hard to do if we’re trying to become social media celebs  NWC always has been and always will be a collective place for all women.

Now, let’s move on to other business. Under the ‘umbrella’ of the collective, we will have 3 branches.

First up, our table communities. These started out as dinner groups, but we’ve gotten pretty flexible on what this looks like depending on the hostess and the group. Some groups meet for dinner, some for brunch – we just hope it’s around a table of yummy food and genuine conversation.


Second, The She’s Brave Conference and other quarterly events/workshops. We think of She’s Brave as a big culmination of all the things we work on and learn during the year. If you haven’t come, you are missing out – we PROMISE. She’s Brave is unlike any other women’s conference out there – we aren’t afraid to pull some tough conversations out into the light and we know you’ll walk away feeling refreshed and a little less alone.

She's Brave.jpg

And last but not least, and probably most important, the Dropping Keys Fund – you can find more information about this here. This fund has such personal, important meaning to both of us and we are so honored to step in and fill a gap in the current services for women and children who need to flee abusive situations. We realized that many government services only work for a specific part of the population and often lack the resources to follow through and keep women and children safe long term. We will be offering scholarships for counseling and legal representation from experts in the area of domestic violence. Finding help from someone who understands the needs of victims and the minds of abusers is crucial. This fund will launch in 2019, so please stay tuned for details and let us know if you’re interested in helping.


Over the last few months, we also brought a dear friend and huge advocate for NWC onto the leadership team. We are so happy to welcome Bethany Khashman as Director of Programs and Events. Bethany has been a volunteer and table community hostess for a very long time and has been such an amazing addition to our leadership. You’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more from her as time goes on and we are so thankful!

When we began Nourish in 2015, we simply wanted a place where women could feel loved and welcomed no matter what their personal circumstances were. Both of us had experienced shallow friendships in other areas of life and craved a place to get real with other women. One of the MOST IMPORTANT parts about our community is that we strive to stay curious. We firmly believe that if you are genuinely curious about other people, you will begin to see those around you in a whole new light. We hope that women come to our tables to listen and learn about someone else without passing judgment. If you can stay curious, you can develop a community of friends like you never knew possible.

We hope you’ll join us in whatever capacity you’re able – if you’re interested in joining a table community, attending She’s Brave, or learning more about the Dropping Keys Fund, please sign up for our mailing list and make sure you’re following us on all our social media accounts!