Showing up and making space
(in your views and in your heart)
seems more important than ever.
— Jessica, Table Hostess

If you have a heart for women, friendship, and creating a welcoming space in your home, you already have what it takes to be an amazing hostess!

When are the Nourish table gatherings?

The day you meet is up to you! You have the freedom to choose the day and time that works best for your group. Many groups use the same weekend each month, to make planning easy.

Where are Nourish dinners held?

As a hostess, you are agreeing to host the gatherings at your home. Some groups may eventually choose to rotate homes or share this responsibility and that is perfectly fine!

How do I find people to invite?

Feel free to invite whomever you like! We do recommend that groups stay under 10 women, to keep our community as authentic and intimate as possible. Nourish Women’s Collective values developing deeper connections and maintaining confidentiality around our tables. We have found that keeping our dinners relatively small encourages conversation while maintaining trust and confidentiality. If you would like help finding people to invite, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.

What do I talk about with my group?

NWC provides discussion questions to get things rolling if you choose to use it. Many groups have developed deep conversations with these questions, but you are free to let the conversation flow naturally as well. We also encourage the use of the Nourish Vase & Stones as an initial icebreaker that doubles as a symbolic reminder that we all come to the table with a struggle. As a hostess, you will earn the trust of your group when you’re willing to be vulnerable first.

There will be Hostess Kits that contain conversation starters, icebreakers and an explanation of the Nourish Vase & Stones centerpiece available for purchase in the very near future. More details coming soon – check the website for updates!

I don’t have a fancy table or beautiful dishes and I don’t want the pressure of cooking for a large group.

Hey, no worries. Neither do we. NWC is not about perfect food or magazine worthy tablescapes. Many of our groups use paper plates and plastic utensils and their dinners are potluck style! You can even have fun choosing a theme (Mexican, Italian, food on a stick!) and have everyone sign up. Or, if you are someone who is passionate about hosting – you can pull out the fancy china and beautiful centerpieces and go to town. You do you, and we’ll be here to support that!

Is there a way to stay in contact with my group throughout the month?

We strongly recommend starting a closed Facebook group as the easiest way to communicate and stay connected with your group. As a hostess, you can make yourself the admin of the group and add members as needed. If you need help getting this up and running, we are happy to help. Please contact us and let us know.

What about the other hostesses? Is there a way to communicate with them?

Yes! We have a Facebook hostess page that we encourage you to use to talk about your dinner parties, share information, highs/lows, and make friends! We also have an online chat forum on our password protected hostess page for you to utilize as well.

Ok, I think I’m ready to do this! How do I get started?

Awesome! We are thrilled to have you as part of our NWC family. To access our handbook, conversation questions and more information click the image below!

***Sign the volunteer form found in the handbook and email a copy to You will then receive the password to the Hostess Portal on the website. Here you can access the handbook, discussion questions, tutorials (how to create a Facebook group), the link to join the Hostess Community Facebook group and more!

(You will add the Handbook to your cart and complete the purchase process, but it is a FREE download. You will be sent an email with the downloadable file.)